[Coming] The Struggles to Success

A multi-author book that relives the struggles by the many authors who have braved and/or are still braving the head-winds to find their meanings of success.

Success is not about having that $1 million dollars. Everyone defines success differently. In software project management that I teach, I always emphasize to my trainees to have measurable goals.

Likewise, in our struggles, we have probably heard too much about success stories, let’s have a book (or a series) that individuals bravely unveil the facade that hide their faces to the real world, and laid in true terms of ones’ uphill journey.

Whether we achieved success yet; at least we are trying. Some are due to medical problem; others struggles due to live circumstances, human and family members behaviour. The stories are real and each are different.

The book is expected to be published by August 2020.

Dr. Mak Wai Keong

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