Why The Book Series

We are from a team at the Smart Cities Education where its motto is simply: By the People, For the People.

We hope to help people who writes and wants to write to ride the learning curve at a gentler slope. Many of us wants to be a writer, or wants to publish a book. The thought of writing it; the visual image of the cheque you need to write for the printing would have probably force you to step on the brakes.

…and that is why we are here to help:

Our proven know-hows and experts will be there to guide you through the what-was-seemingly-daunting processes and turn them into chunks of manageable and actionable tiny tasks, that you can accomplish in 20 minutes a day.

“…I did not know writing a book is that easy until I sign up with The Book Series New Author Program”. It does not cost a boob, but it helped me to create a “bomb” figuratively to share what is in my mind, to text in the book.
– Jasmine Chew, Author of “How my brain works” – inprinting – launch in May 2020.

Find out more about our “The Book Series New Author Program” here.

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